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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Can't wait to put on the 'Whites' and get on to the 'Oval' for a game of cricket. My team’s opener, Cleveland weather permitting, May 11th. Target set to me 200 runs & 10 wickets for the season!

Of all the websites with 'news' about the Operation Iraqi Liberation, the most interesting one I found was But unfortunately, it has stopped reporting the latest and the reasons are best known to them. Anyways a good site to 'surf' and spend a good hour or so.


Sunday, April 06, 2003
Am a month behind, came a reminder (thanks Asha). Well was both busy and lazy (most of the time) last month!
Well survived a massive lay off at my firm, which in turn has me on my toes since am the only one in my unit in Cleveland! It'll keep me busy for a month more....

March 23rd turned out to be very disappointing, Aussies just crushed India. Well did go thru some emotional pains for a few days thinking 'what if Saurav had batted first/Sachin had waited before trying anything/....' well Aussies less emotional more professional the deserving champs. Well tough to take emotions out of Indians!
Then was the anxious news about the war in Iraq. It makes you more anxious if u have a sibling in Kuwait.




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