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Thursday, January 30, 2003
well I wrote this yesterday night out of frustration.

World Cup cricket supposed to be the greatest cricket show in the world with 14 international teams participating and with more than billion viewers. Here is how its marketed on the Internet - there is not yet a single website with information about any kind of live action or even commentary on the Internet. A series of lesser prominence like India - New Zealand was shown live on the internet and of course for a fee.

Well a few years back I did hear about a statement about 'Taking cricket to the shores of America' was something think tanks of cricket were ‘thinking’. Hmm... now does that make any sense when its not being marketed on one of the most widely used media in America the Internet. Internet is also the medium where expatriates from various cricket-playing nations keep in touch with the latest 'scores'. Also doesn't it open another source of revenue. Just imagine if there were around 10,000 (approximately just 1/10 of Indian students who came to the USA last term) subscribers of the tournament at $200 each it gives revenue of $2,000,000. Pretty simple huh! Somebody is missing out on making these million bucks. Anyone hearing!

I tried to negotiate a deal with my cable service provider who after 4 calls of mine told me that for them to negotiate with the organizers of the cup would take weeks if not months and all this despite of me telling him that I would get him around 20 customers!


Monday, January 27, 2003
3 full length movies in less than 24 hours! Well that's how I spent part of my weekend. Kangaroo Jack - Saturday night which had the sizzling Estella Warren along with ‘others’ was a ‘ok’ movie, Bollywood/Hollywood - Sunday matinee was a ‘so so’ one and the best of the weekend Jism - phew Hindi movies have indeed become bold so has the 'hot' Bipasha Basu!

Super Bowl XXXVII was very predictable and so had to switch to Jism after the half time and for once Tampa Bay the team I believed would win did win!

Also Sunday was a terrible day to drive atleast in and around Cleveland, Ohio. I and my pal Amar realized how tough its to drive in the 'slush' during our routine Sunday visit to the temple.



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