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Friday, July 26, 2002
Thank god it’s a Friday!

Have lotsa fun lined up for the weekend.. to start off would be trying some soccer tonight .. and check out the latest 'groovy' adventure of Mike Myers.
Starting Saturday with a bang with canoeing. This the first time I would be canoeing & hope to come out safe and sound and get some 'smashing' pics too.
Plan to spend my Sunday in some 'rolling & coasting' with my 'younger' roomies at Six Flags theme park.

btw the fried rice turned out great sadly Ravi couldn't turn up!


Thursday, July 25, 2002
Just another normal day!
Goin to experiment on my pal Ravi tonight with some fried rice! (recipe courtesy: Neeraja Valluri)
Hope Ravi doesn't have his senses fried after the meal.

Sob! Sob! Benched from my cricket team for non-performance! Hoping to perform better if given another chance......


Wednesday, July 24, 2002
My first blog! Hurray, I am into blogging!
One of the many things I have been postponing!



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